Pear and blue cheese salad — with walnuts, fresh salad, pickled red cabbage, gorgonzola mousse and balsamic vinegar (GR/V/VEO)   $21
Thai beef salad — sirloin strips, crispy noodles, fresh salad, and oyster sauce (GFO)   $24
Beetroot risotto — with hazelnuts, gorgonzola mousse, and parmesan (GF/V)   $22
Open steak sandwich — sirloin strips, onion, mushrooms, and garlic mayo.  Served with fries (DFO)–with bacon ($3) or cheese ($2.50)   $17
Burger — classic beef patty or Cajun chicken, fresh salad and thick-cut chips. Add:  bacon ($3) or cheese ($2.50)   $20

Prawn and courgette fettucine  — (DFO)

–substitute Chicken




Chicken breast  seared with chestnuts, lentils, baby carrots and parsnip puree (GF/DFO)   $26
Pork belly  with kumara puree, apple sauce, brussel sprouts, kale and crackling (GF/DFO)   $28
Market fish  pan fried with saffron, edamame, and rattatouille (GF/DFO)   $32
Sirloin steak (300g)  pumpkin puree, beetroot, and port and tarragon jus    $32
GF- gluten free  GFO – gluten free option available  V – vegetarian  VEO – vegan option available – DFO – dairy free option available    


Seasonal Salad   $7
Brussel sprouts  with bacon and peanuts (GF/DF/VO)   $7
Roasted  agra potatoes    $7
Portobello mushrooms  with truffle oil and parmesan (GF/V)   $7