Weekend Brunch Menu

 Weekend Brunch

Eggs benedict — the classic favourite with poached eggs, toasted sourdough, bacon, and sriracha hollandaise (DFO/GFO)   $18
Eggs royale — scrambled eggs with toasted sourdough, smoked salmon, and hollandaise (DFO/GFO)   $21
KVP breakfast charred cauliflower, hash browns, mushrooms, kale and sriracha hollandaise (GF)   $19
Purgatory eggs —  baked eggs, chorizo, spicy tomato, beans and sourdough (DF/GFO)   $18
Ricotta pancakes — with banana, blueberries, and maple syrup.  Add:  bacon ($3)    $16
Pear and gorgonzola salad  — with walnuts, fresh salad, pickled red cabbage, gorgonzola mousse and balsamic vinegar (GF/V/VEO)
Open steak sandwich  sirloin strips, onions, mushrooms, and garlic mayo. Served with fries (DFO).  Add bacon ($3) or cheese ($2.50)   $17
Cajun chicken burger  fresh salad and thick-cut chips.  Add: bacon ($3) or cheese ($2.50)   $20
Market fish  pan fried with saffron, edamame, and rattatouille (GF/DFO)   $32
GF- gluten free  GFO – gluten free option available  V – vegetarian  VEO – vegan option available – DFO – dairy free option available    

Sides & Desserts

Hash browns   $3.50
Chips   $10
Dark chocolate and almond truffles   $3
Sticky toffee pudding  with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream   $14