Sunday Sessions


October 22 — Iris 3pm-5pm

The award winning Iris is a young and dynamic singer songwriter with a pure talent unlike anything you’ve witnessed. Her clever yet laidback musical approach will surprise and inspire your Sunday afternoon.

Paul Saker

October 29 — Paul Saker 3pm-5pm

Paul Saker is a freelance singer, songwriter and guitarist. He creates and produces his own music, and is the co-creator of Yoga Rhapsody, a business that offers yoga classes accompanied by live music. He performs a mixture of originals and imaginative covers, and we can’t wait to have him play as part of our Sunday Sessions!

Fran Barton and Kevin Clark

November 5 — Fran Barton and Kevin Clark 3pm-5pm

The KVP is proud to present, two time NZ Music Award Jazz ‘Tui’ winners: vocalist Fran Barton, and pianist Kevin Clark! The talented duo will treat us to Rag Time, New Orleans Styles, Boogie-Woogie and Jazz interpretations of pop hits!