Entrees & Bar Snacks

Bar Snacks

Thick-cut chips – with garlic mayo (V)   $10
Pull-apart garlic bread — made in house with melted mozzarella (V)   $10
Edamame — soy beans with salt, chile, and garlic (GF/V)   $10
Hummus — made in house with flatbread dusted with our own Dukkah blend (V/DF)   $14
Buffalo wings — crispy chicken wings tossed in a barbeque and hot buffalo sauce, served with a ranch dressing (GFO)   $12
Calamari  — served with a petite salad and chilli lime mayo (GF)   $15
Fish tacos — soft corn tortillas, cajun market fish and lemon coriander mousse (GF)   $15
Quesadilla —  pan fried corn tortillas stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella, withtomato salsa and chipotle sour cream (GF/V)   $15
 Arancini — the Italian favourite stuffed with tomato and melted mozzarella and adorned with aioli drops (V)    $14
Ceviche  —  citrus cured market fish with avocado, tomato, and red cabbage (GF/VEO)   $19
GF- gluten free  GFO – gluten free option available  V – vegetarian  VEO – vegan option available – DFO – dairy free option available