About Us

'This is the best 'local' I've been to in a very long time, almost good enough to consider moving to Wellington.' --Joanna I ‘The KVP is home to Wellington’s most appreciate audiences and has a great hospitality crew that makes every band feel right at home’ -- band leader Phil Costello of Phil Costello and the Five O'Clock Shadows.

We think we have THE BEST STAFF in New Zealand!!!

Isaac and Kiersten are  proud New Zealand residents and the new owners of KVP.  Isaac is a creative go-getter who was born in Mexico and spent a lot of time in the US during his youth.  Kiersten is from Colorado, but has spent much of her time living in foreign lands: Iceland and Australia.  She is involved in the business on a part-time basis.  The rest of her time is spent studying in Auckland.

It is fair to say that both Isaac and Kiersten love being in New Zealand and want to create a restaurant/pub that enlivens the community.

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