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'This is the best 'local' I've been to in a very long time, almost good enough to consider moving to Wellington.' --Joanna I ‘The KVP is home to Wellington’s most appreciate audiences and has a great hospitality crew that makes every band feel right at home’ -- band leader Phil Costello of Phil Costello and the Five O'Clock Shadows.

We think we have THE BEST STAFF in New Zealand!!!

 Our story… At its heart the Kelburn Village Pub has always been about bringing people from dissimilar backgrounds together in one place where everyone feels at home. We enjoy bringing things together that don’t necessarily fit because that is who we are. This embracement of the diverse can be found throughout the KVP – from our staff members to our menu and events. Although the owners, Isaac and Kiersten, hail from opposite sides of the Mexican-American border and have many differences, they agree on one important thing – a great meal is a starting point of any meaningful relationship. We don’t believe in holding back just because we are a pub! Mikele, our head chef, is Italian with a flair for rustic elegance. His food is best described as Mediterranean fusion in a modern key. We consider our patrons to be part of the family and are always ready to go the extra mile to make your visit special. Please feel free to introduce yourself and share your own story with us.


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